Politics – A Suggestion Box?

I am sure most everyone has heard of a suggestion box.  A suggestion box is utilized by companies and organizations to help improve their operations and or customers experience.  A suggestion box is often a very valuable and important tool.  Management and people of influence in companies and organizations can’t be every place nor do they have all the answers and maybe they don’t even know the questions.  A suggestion box can tap into resources of the front line people.  These front line people live, breath, utilize, and know what they want.  Management can use these suggestions to see if it is a cost-effective improvement or possibly it may be an issue of educating or training employees.

Doesn’t it seem odd that companies and organizations all over democratic societies value the input of people who use their services and or products but the citizens of  these countries don’t have a method to communicate to our decision makers.  Relax, relax I know many of you are saying to yourselves that this is dead wrong.  Many if not all of our leaders have emails and methods of direct communication to their offices.  You might even argue that this is a form of suggestion box.  I would agree with you but I believe there should a better and more transparent solution.  For those of you who have written an idea to a government leader, have you ever wondered if it ever was read and analyzed by that particular leader?  Maybe it was read by an intern or maybe it wasn’t read at all.

Companies and organizations keep suggestions of the frontline people confidential.  It makes sense.  They either want to act or not act on a suggestion in confidential manner. Our governments is a different animal. Our governments is an organization of citizens. I would think most of you would agree that there are lots of complex issues that are occurring in our societies today.  Our countries are made up with some extremely intelligent people.  We, the citizens,  are always being told of the new rules and regulations, with little input or help in forming those rules and regulations.  In the age of the internet and blogging, I want to change this.

My goal is to establish a site where the citizens can communicate ideas, in an open and transparent format.  I don’t want a site that voices anger or identify problems only  but rather potential solutions.  It is easy to identify problems , the tough part is the solution.  By having an open format, the goal will be that this will be the go to site for our leaders or the media. By having an open format, it will allow others to add to our ideas and solutions.

Finally, wouldn’t it make sense for our governments (taxpayers money) pay for good solutions.   As  a taxpayer, corporation, organization, or a government,  I would be more than happy to pay a bounty, reward or incentive – what ever you want to call it, for a good idea that would save millions of dollars or help our citizens, or help solve a problem.  This is the new way, we need to encourage our governments and leaders to monetize solutions.  By monetizing solutions, it might encourage more people to think about inefficiencies and or ways of improvement.  What does our governments have to lose?



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